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Lil’ Kim: 100% Frontin’

Gossip, gossip. Paolo Zampolli is founder of ID Models Management and one of the world’s premier model agents. Well, this entry isn’t about Zampolli, but rather Lil’ Kim who had the audacity to wear a diamond-studded Black AMEX around her neck with his name on it in a Nylon Magazine photo shoot.

“It’s crazy,” Zampolli said. “I have my real black card in my wallet. It’s got to be a fake. Let me take her to Cipriani’s and I’ll pay for lunch with my real one.” Lil’ Kim’s rep insisted the rapper hadn’t stolen one of Zampolli’s old cards. “Nylon’s stylist gave it to her,” she revealed. No comment from the stylist.

Of course, we know that Lil’ Kim has her own Black Card. It’s just a little weird that she would wear a fake one instead of her own. Maybe the setting of diamonds in Kim’s card would have created problems with swiping. But then, that still leaves the question, why not a fake of Kim’s own Black AMEX? There are some things the world may never know…

4 Responses to “Lil’ Kim: 100% Frontin’”

  1. obvious says:

    WTF… take another look, its obvious that the card is sitting in a pocket attached to the necklace….its sticking out the top. Whether or not its official…who knows, but no one would do that to a credit card card, and to think that she did is just plain stupid.

  2. anomalei says:

    Haha.. probably isn’t a fake of her own ‘cuz she takes pics with it.. ie) people could take the number right off it. If I were as busy as her I wouldn’t wanna spend my time replacing my plastic all the time either!

  3. tuttle says:

    i love showing off how much money i have too, its a very classy thing to do.


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